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Organizacija znanja (OZ)

1 Feb 2017:

Journal Organizacija znanja (Organisation of Knowledge), Vol. 21, No. 2, published


Uredništvo OZ
Institut informacijskih znanosti
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Organizacija znanja (OZ)

OZ, volume 21, issue 2 (2016)

OZ 21 (2016) 2

Dear readers,

The latest issue of the journal Organizacija znanja (Organisation of Knowledge), issue 2 of volume 21, offers many interesting contributions: four articles and six reports about different events attended by the Institute of Information Science’s employees. The issue is concluded by the COBISS notifications section.

The editorial board wishes to continue to publish interesting and high quality contributions in 2017. We are convinced that you have interesting ideas, opinions and vast experience, and would be very pleased if you shared them with us. We kindly invite you to help us create future issues.

Guidelines for writing and submitting contributions can be found on the web page of the journal under Author guidelines.

OZ Editorial Board