Albanian COBISS Service - Activities

Until the formation of a National COBISS Centre in Tirana, its tasks are performed by the Albanian COBISS service, which was organised by IZUM – UNESCO Regional Centre for Library Information Systems and Current Research Information Systems ( Slovenia) in cooperation with the Albanian Academy of Sciences. Its tasks are:

  • planning and co-ordinating activities related to linking of libraries in Albania in COBISS.AL system,
  • providing computer capacity for the operation of the system and the central services,
  • managing the shared bibliographic database COBIB.AL,
  • providing COBISS software and manuals for shared cataloguing, local library functions and other services,
  • organising training and professional help to libraries and other users of COBISS software and services,
  • evaluation of library staff qualifications for participating in shared cataloguing,
  • professional help to libraries with data conversion and transfer from other systems.